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Headroom sits on one of Hathern's very few retail premises.  It is located on the corner of Dovecote Street and Cross Street in the building which once housed the village’s General Store and – believe it or not – the cycle repair shop!  The building however, has become synonymous with many villagers for being a hairdressers for the past 50+ years.


Previously known as Patricia’s Hair Salon, the building was sold and Patricia retired at Christmas 2006.  The new owners were keen for the village not to lose one of its only retail units and so opened a new salon in April 2007 – Solutions.  The building itself was fully refurbished and also contains two flats. The business was purchased by Benjamin Hardy in May 2009 and re-branded as Headroom, with a major re-styling of the interior following shortly afterwards.


Under the management of Ben, the salon has gone from strength to strength and now performs a wide variety of services for both ladies and gents and retails MoroccanOil products.  The interior went under another refurb in January 2016 and now has four styling stations, a wash basin, reception and waiting areas.


The salon contains an extra room which has been many incarnations in the past.  In Patricia’s day this was first a downstairs room of the house before being added to the salon when the house was converted into two flats.  Patricia used it as her waiting area.  In the 2007 renovations, the room was separated off again and Solutions ran in-house beauty treatments.  When Ben took over, the room was used by Tranquility for several years before spending a brief time as a coffee shop.  It is now occupied by Lizzie with Infinity Beauty.  Lizzie provides a whole range of beauty treatments, from the basics such as waxing and massage, to more complex treatments like KACI facials.

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